Last modified: April 20, 2014 Sultry Simone

Sultry Simone

BirthSign: Gemini
Stats: 34-26-42
Height: 5'5
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Ethnicity: Multiracial
Profession: Model


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It's "Sultry Simone'" and here is a little bio of myself. I have 5 years of experience working with magazine editors, photographers, movie producers, and music artist. I absolutely love what I do and welcome much more. My main emphasis is in glamour, print, music videos, lingerie, hosting and film. But other areas of interest include fashion, swimwear, trade show. I'm striving hard and making leaps and bounds to becoming a household name in the modeling industry! I'm very easy to work with, follow directions extremely well, very at ease in front of the camera and professional! To get day to day updates on where I will be or what I'm currently working on follow me on twitter/thesultrysimone.

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